quo.tid.i.an adj [ME cotidian, fr. MF, fr. L quotidianus, cotidianus,
fr. quotidie every day, fr. quot (as) many as + dies day--more at deity]
(14c) 1: occurring every day <~ fever> 2 a: belonging to each day:
everyday <~ routine> b: commonplace, ordinary <~ drabness> -- quotidian n

We originally conceived of this web page as a place to put our resumes and maybe a little bit of personal information -- the ultimate in vanity pages. The domain name was going to be much more useful, though, as we would have an email address that wouldn't change even if our service provider did ... and, of course, we'd have the cachet of having chosen a word that no one can define but which means the commonplace!

This site has evolved, though, as life and the web tends to do. Although there's still one resume here, it's for someone who isn't job hunting but just doesn't want to create yet another broken link on the site. There's still a little personal information here, but since we don't have much time in which to update our pages, I wouldn't assume everything is still accurate. What we do have here, though, is a boatload of pictures of one very cute baby, and then whatever else we decide to do with the rest of the 150 megs of space we've been allotted. The "whatever else" is apt to change without notice, so don't be surprised if it does.

Tara, Peter, and Neil all have our web pages here; Neil's site also includes quite a bit of information about prematurity. Check it out.

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We're also pretty darn happy with our hosting provider at the moment, DreamHost. Their prices are affordable, they give you a ton of everything (disk, bandwidth, you name it), and their support has been pretty darn excellent over the past 4 years.